Facial & Cosmetic Treatments & Chemical Peels in Bellevue, Washington

Bring out the true beauty of your face and skin with facial and cosmetic treatments, such as chemical peels, from Bellevue Image Enhancement Center in Bellevue, Washington.

The Parisian Peel®

The Parisian Peel® is today's hottest skin resurfacing procedure. Unlike laser resurfacing or surgical dermabrasion, the Parisian Peel® uses new, patented technology to re-texturize the skin's surface without the harshness of a surgical procedure. The peel gently takes years off your face by ... Read more

Photoderm® VL/PL Treatment

The Photoderm® VL/PL is a non-invasive, pulsed light treatment that uses intense white light to eliminate the appearance of vascular birthmarks, facial spider veins, sunspots, tattoos, and other vascular or pigmented lesions on the skin. This treatment is fast and does not require anesthesia. Read more

The Epi-Lift™ Procedure

This procedure, performed with the Epi-Lift™, is done with intense pulses of light. Light passes beyond the skin's surface level to produce a heating of the deep elastic fibers of collagen. This heating shortens the collagen's connective tissue, yielding tighter, smoother skin.

It perpetuates the production of new fibroblast tissue, which in turn produces new, stronger collagen tissue. It also destroys pigmented lesions that are a product of solar damage, so the overall skin surface becomes more even and consistent in color.It is the recommendation of our cosmetic clinical specialist that you use a combination of microdermabrasion with your Epi-Lift™ treatments to further smooth the skin's surface, increase circulation, and allow further permeation of the light's thermal activity. This process yields an overall improvement of the skin with decreased signs of aging.

HydraFacial™ Treatment

HydraFacial™ is a new hydrating and non-irritating treatment. It is designed for all skin types—even the most sensitive skin. HydraFacial™ removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing serums.The treatment is soothing, ... Read more

Chemical Peels

Use our Glytone® Salicylic Acid Peel treatment to prevent signs of aging. This wonderful technology removes surface oils, unclogs pores, and is effective on a variety of applications areas such as the face, back, and chest. For an affordable choice with effective results, choose one of our chemical peels.